Tee Taylor
Name Unknown
Nicknames Unknown
Gender Female
Age 14 (TDG S1)
Family Johnny Taylor (brother)
Hope Taylor (sister)
Friends Carmen Howle
Lily Kettle
Faith Davis
Mo Michaels
Floss Guppy
Jody Jackson
Tyler Lewis
Harry Jones
Kazima Tako
May-li Wang
Mike Milligan
Romances Unknown
First Episode Home Alone
Last Episode --
Tee Taylor is Johnny Taylor's little sister. She has dark blonde, almost brown hair and brown eyes. As she grows she has a bold nature. She is very kind and has a lot of friends.

Personality Edit

Tee is very caring. She often helps others with problems, or just helps with problems around the house. Although they often argue, she is closest to her brother, Johnny, than she is with Carmen or Lily.

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