Series Three of The Dumping Ground was confirmed by CBBC. It consists of 8 episodes so far.

Characters Edit

Returning Characters Edit

Main Edit

In alphabetical order

  • Bailey Wharton
  • Carmen Howle
  • Floss Guppy
  • Harry Jones
  • Jody Jackson
  • Johnny Taylor
  • Kazima Tako
  • May-Li Wang
  • Mike Milligan
  • Mo Michaels
  • Tee Taylor
  • Tyler Lewis

Recurring Edit

In alphabetical order

  • Sally Lewis

New Characters Edit

In alphabetical order

  • Billie Trent
  • Mischief
  • Ryan Reeves
  • Toni Trent

Leaving/Left Characters Edit

In alphabetical order

  • Faith Davis
  • Rick Barber

Episodes Edit

Part 1 Edit

In order of air date

  1. Party Games (Law and Disorder 1/2) - 16/01/15
  2. Law and Disorder (Law and Disorder 2/2) - 16/01/15
  3. Stuck With You - 23/01/15
  4. Mischief - 30/01/15
  5. Now You See Me - Unaired
  6. It's Not About Me - Unaired
  7. Powers - Unaired
  8. Unknown

Trivia Edit

  • There will be six new characters in total, unlike other series' where there are only one or two
  • Johnny might leave for the army in this series
  • This series will end in November
    • This is due to there being two parts of the series

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