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My favourite television programme

Endurance is the 7th episode of Series 2 and the 21st episode of The Dumping Ground.


The children can't decide on which programme to watch so they take part in a last man standing competition to decide.


Two opposing Dumping Ground teams take up a TV challenge when they can't decide whether to watch an England friendly or the final of a TV talent show. Whoever has their hand on the TV the longest can watch their chosen show. Faith, Tyler, Carmen, Tee, Floss and Harry want to watch the TV talent final and May-Li, Frank, Rick, Johnny, Bailey and Jody represent the football team. Mike makes it clear from the off that he would rather watch a documentary. Tyler's hand slips off a short while in as he attempts to perform a trick. However he puts his disqualification to good use by booby-trapping the stairs. A loo break system is put into place, but when Jody takes a toilet break the door handle falls off and she is disqualified as she can't get out in time. Convinced that Tyler is behind the door handle falling off, she falls to cheating and manages to tempt Floss away from the TV with a reward. Meanwhile Frank is out too but is earning money by selling the hungry contestants sweets at an expensive price. Faith and Rick let his so Harry, Tee, Carmen, Johnny and Bailey are left after May-Li leaves. Harry is out when he lets go after trying to grab some sweets and Carmen falls asleep causing her to let go too. In the morning Johnny and Bailey start to fight and fall off together so Tee is the last holding on so it is decided that they will watch the TV Talent final. However, when it is on everybody falls asleep because they have either been up all night or not had a enough sleep. Mike sneaks in and switches it over to the documentary.

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