Mandy "Elektra" Perkins is a 15- yr old teenager resident and elm tree house.Her first appearance was in Tracy Beaker Returns.She is the oldest care kid in the Dumping Ground followed by Faith.She is the only person in The dumping ground who has had an argument with everyone or a fallout.Her controlling mum and dad live in a posh house with her older sister Melissa,she came in her care because her parents thought she was too rough and they had lots of arguments.


Most people would describe Elektra as a very mean and selfish person, mainly because of her behaviour and defensive attitude towards kids.She has shown her softer side in this series but is still not showing it all. Elektra also has a furious temper, however Mike and Gina calm her down in some episodes and know how to deal with it.



Tyler:"Elektra can you pass the juice please"
In series 3 episode 1/2 when Tyler first came to Elm tree house he and Elektra didn't talk much until Liam and Frank told him to to the foam trick on her. He did it but he didn't know how angry she would be, so when it happened Elektra chased him around Elm Tree House threatening to break his leg off. After that she helped Carmen set fire to Tyler's and Ricks clothes, Tyler got upset and cried because Carmen and Elektra set fire to the only birthday card he ever got from his mum, although eventually they made up. In the start of series 3 they were friends, but in the one episode, Tyler does a water-bomb prank and it is meant to be for Gina but Elektra was in Rick's bedroom and the window was open, so when Tyler was meant to hit Gina it hit Elektra. When Elektra got dried off, Tyler was grinning about it so Elektra told him to "wipe [his] stupid grin off [his] face".Tyler then realizes that he has to grow up, so when he is trying to act serious, Elektra catches him and tells him he is not right in the head. Tyler then understands he doesn't want to be serious anymore, so he does a water-bomb prank again and it hits Elektra again - Tyler quickly apologized then Elektra started to walk to him with an angry face. But then she smiles at him and says "nice shot".


Rick: "What do you think?"

Elektra: "You're fired"

Rick and Elektra get on well but have had arguments. In this series they may have crushes on each other there are lots of reasons, for instance Elektra and Rick writing a song together, Elektra and Rick laughed together, and him getting compared to Elektra by Faith. Elektra and Carmen set fire to Rick's and Tyler's clothes but after they both realised it was wrong they apologized to them. Rick didn't seem angry with Elektra when she stands on and breaks his records.


When Faith first arrived she didn't like Elektra, due to her immature behaviour towards the children, her defensive attitude, and spiteful temper but over the series they became best friends, because they are sharing a room.

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