Main CharactersEdit


Mike Milligan (Series 1-?)

Gina (Series 1)

May-Li Wang (Series 2-?)


Faith Davis (Series 1-3)

Bailey Wharton (Series 2-5)

Rick Barber (Series 1-2)

Tyler Lewis (Series 1-5)

Jody Jackson (Series 1-5)

Frank Matthews (Series 1-3)

Elektra Perkins (Series 1)

Harry Jones (Series 1-4)

Mo Michaels (Series 1-4)

Tee Taylor (Series 1-4)

Johnny Taylor (Series 1-4)

Carmen Howle (Series 1-4)

Lily Kettle (Series 1-2)

Floss Guppy (Series 1-?)

Liam O'Donavan (Series 2)

Ryan Reeves (Series 3-?)

Dexter Bellman (Series 3-?)

Chloe Reeves (Series 4-?)

Candi-Rose (Series 5-?)

Billie Trent (Series 3-?)

Toni Trent (Series 3-?)

Sasha Bellman (Series 3-?)

Kazima Tako (Series 3-5)

Finn Mclaine (Series 3-?)

Joseph Stubbs (Series 5-?)

Archie Able (Series 5-?)

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