Carmen Howle
Name Carmen Howle
Nicknames Auntie Carmen
Gender Female
Age 15
Family Helen Howle (mother)
Friends Tee Taylor
Lily Kettle
Jody Jackson
Tyler Lewis
Rick Barber
May-Li Wang
Mike Milligan
Johnny Taylor
Bailey Wharton (sometimes)
Faith Davis
Floss Guppy
Harry Jones
Kazima Tako
Frank Matthews
Romances Unknown
First Episode Home Alone
Last Episode --
Carmen Howle has been a resident of Elm Tree House, and later Ashdene Ridge during all series of "Tracy Beaker Returns" and "The Dumping Ground".

Personality Edit

Carmen is a outgoing girl who is best friends with lily kettle. She is kind ,generous and impatient. She loves to wear dresses she likes having her hair in different hair styles like a bun or even a messy bun. One day carmens mum had visited her and she thought she was going on holiday but it turns out she wasn't. Anyway she shares her life with lily in the dumping ground. She has wonderful friends like tee and Lilly and even Mike. She is very judgemental. Carmen is very pretty and lovely.

Trivia Edit

  • She is a total girly girl
  • She misses her mum
  • She broke Johnny's window in the episode "The Barbeque"
  • Her best friends are Tee Taylor and Lily Kettle
  • Her ex boyfriend is Rick